合作超级Instructor Guide

协作Ultra是画布中的视频/音频网络会议和协作工具that lets you meet with students in real time. Through Collaborate Ultra you can do many classroom activities: present using whiteboards, share screens and resources, interact by voice or text chats, enable group discussion, and administer polls.
Cost Yes Free
Bandwidth Partial High demand
Canvas Integration Yes Works within Canvas
隐私 Yes 合作超人是Fippa.符合要求和数据安全地存储在加拿大
类似的UBC支持的工具 Zoom也在集中支持


You can use Collaborate Ultra in Canvas courses for numerous types of real-time interactions:

  • Lectures (up to 500 participants)
  • 工作时间
  • Group work
  • Student presentations
  • Oral exams
  • Exam invigilation

The lecture sessions can be recorded and made available after the real-time event.

What to know about Collaborate Ultra

协作Ultra将于4月30日在UBC停产,并将在2021年4月30日,并将不再可供使用。Classes starting in summer session 2021 (2021S1) can useZoominstead to run synchronous virtual classroom activities.

Access to Collaborate Ultra recordings will end on July 31, 2021.If you need to keep any of your recordings, please download them before July 31. Once downloaded, they can be uploaded to创作(画布中的视频流平台)以重复使用。我们建议尽快这样做,以确保您有足够的时间来保存录音。

你可以跟随我们的逐步协作Ultra Transition Guide要了解如何保存录音,请将其上传到kaltura,并开始缩放。


A supported web browser

合作超级runs in your web browser and supports using Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari. For which versions work, check the合作超级supported browser page

Audio/visual equipment

Web-conferencing uses a microphone and a webcam.


合作超级only works in Canvas courses at UBC.


  • Students can download theCanvas Student appto attend sessions在他们的移动设备上。
  • Using headphones with a microphone will ensure good audio quality为你和你的学生。

How do I use Collaborate Ultra?

To give everyone access to this shared space for real-time interactions, you will need to turn on Collaborate Ultra in your Canvas course. Note that teaching assistants can also use Collaborate Ultra as moderators, with access to all the same features as instructors.

Click any bar below for instructions and tips for using Collaborate Ultra in Canvas.

Enable real-time interactions with Collaborate Ultra

  1. Log in to your Canvas course, and click设置在课程导航中。
  2. 点击Navigation tab
  3. Find the Collaborate Ultra menu item, click theoptions menu(the 3 vertical dots), and chooseEnable
  4. Saveyour setting changes.
  5. The Collaborate Ultra menu item will now be available in the Course Navigation for you and your students.


合作超级provides a default “Course Room” session for you to use, so you do not have to schedule lecture sessions separately. But if you prefer, you can set up individual sessions for each lecture.

  1. Log in to your Canvas course, and click合作超级在课程导航中。
    • 如果您没有看到此选项,请按照上面手风琴中的步骤进行操作,以实现实时交互。
  2. Create a new session by clickingCreate Session
  3. In the pop-up, add a name and then choose from session options that include the following:
    • 设置开始和结束时间
    • 重复会话
    • Allowing students to phone in to the session
    • Allowing early entry
    • Specifying what participants can and can’t do
    • 允许下载录音
      • This option is recommended if you will be recording, as it lets students with slower Internet connections watch offline
    • 使250多名学生可以同时参加
  4. 设置您的选项后,单击Save


  • 在同一天和时间举办在线实时讲座正如你通常持有班级。
  • If you use the default “Course Room” session for lectures, instruct students to join you in the room at the designated time,对待这个虚拟空间,因为他们将是一个身体教室。这种方法的好处是讲座链接总是相同的。
  • Students can access Collaborate Ultra using their mobile devicesto participate in lectures. This is easiest to do if you send them a link or they download theCanvas Student appto use.
  • 告诉学生致电会话是免费的onlyfrom inside Canada and the U.S.Long distance fees may apply when joining by phone from other locations, as the international number (1 571 392 7651) is a U.S. one.

Prepare for your lecture session

  • Find a private, quiet, well-lit roomto avoid interruptions or distractions.
  • Wear plain and neutral-coloured clothing。Clothes with strong detailing such as plaid shirts can create distortions in the video and remove visual detail from your face.
  • 使用外部麦克风(即将到您的计算机)以帮助提高演示文稿的音频质量。理想情况下,使用带内置麦克风的耳机。
  • 避免直接在光源指向相机or you will likely appear silhouetted. Instead, sit with the light shining on you directly or at an angle. Make sure there is nothing behind you that will be distracting or revealing for students to see.
  • 预先测试您的音频和视频。还要要求学生提前几分钟加入会议以测试他们的连接,麦克风和相机。
  • Get someone (e.g., teaching assistant) who can help moderate during the lectureto monitor chat questions and handle technical troubleshooting with students.


  • Review the 3-minute lecturerecording tips videoprovided by UBC Studios.
  • Help your students feel prepared too。Share UBC’s合作超级student guidewith them and ensure they understand their options for participation.
  • Share your online etiquette and expectations of students在讲座期间。这应该包括设置基本通信协议,例如,学生应该如何询问和回复问题。
  • 请记住,一些学生可能有带宽限制。You may need to rely less on high-bandwidth tools such as screen sharing and provide lecture materials ahead of time.

Run a real-time lecture with Collaborate Ultra

  1. Log in to your Canvas course, and click合作超级在课程导航中。
    • 如果您没有看到此选项,请按照上面手风琴中的步骤进行操作,以实现实时交互。
  2. 点击nameof the session you want to join (“Course Room” or the session you scheduled), then clickJoin Course Roomor加入会话, whichever you see at the top.
  3. During the lecture, you can share your video and audio using the menu at the bottom of the screen. Click thepurple arrow tabin the lower right corner to open the Collaborate panel, where you’ll see options for:
    • Monitoring and participating in chat (first icon): Chat by text with all session participants or privately with individuals or other session moderators.
    • Managing participants (second icon): Control participants’ audio and video, make participants presenters or moderators, and monitor participation in the session. If you will have participants present/share their screens, make sure that they know to attend using a desktop or laptop computer, as mobile devices cannot share screens.
    • Sharing content (third icon): Share whiteboards / screens / files, poll students, and manage small group discussions called breakout groups.
    • 设置(第四个图标): Change notification settings and what participants can share during the session.
  4. If you are recording the session, let students know this at the beginning, so they are aware any participation will be recorded as well.
  5. 要开始录制,请单击“菜单in the upper left corner of the screen and clickStart Recordingat the top. When you are done, go to this same spot and click停止录音
    • When you manually stop recording, Canvas will automatically upload the recording in the Collaborate Ultra area of your course. You can also share a link to this recording that is accessible to anyone.
  6. When the session is over, click the菜单in the upper left corner of the screen and selectLeave Session


  • When you record lecture sessions, audio is recorded for the moderator and any participants who use their unmuted microphones. Visually, whatever is in the main screen and chat window are captured. Breakout groups do not get recorded.
  • If you experience lag time托管时,如果可以,请尝试暂时关闭视频。
  • Look at the camera to create eye contact和你的学生一起。这有助于培养更加个人的联系。
  • Ask students to mute their microphonesunless they are asking questions or responding. This reduces interruptions, echoes, and background noise.
  • Share an agenda at the beginning每个班级。这让学生清楚地了解会议如何以及应准备偶尔的时候。
  • 利用您的选择增加交互性:
    • Invite collaboration with the whiteboard or annotating feature for shared documents. Note that students on mobile devices will need to type into the chat instead, as they will be unable to annotate directly.
    • 要求学生在聊天中使用表情符号,情绪或文本回应。
    • Use the polling feature to get opinions or check student understanding of the topic.
    • Divide the class into smaller groups using breakout groups for real-time discussions.

Share files during a real-time lecture with Collaborate Ultra

最好在开始上课之前,上传的文件ou want to show (though you can also do this during the lecture).

  1. In your active session, click thepurple arrow tab在右下角打开合作面板。
  2. 沿着展开的面板的底部条,单击third iconfor sharing content, and select分享文件从提供的选项。
  3. ClickAdd Filesand select the file you wish to share. When uploaded, the file will appear below the add box. Repeat this process for any others.
  4. During the lecture, in the Collaborate panel, click the文件you want to share and clickShare Now
  5. While the file is being shared, you can use the annotating bar in the upper left corner to mark or write on the file temporarily (this will not alter the file itself).
  6. To stop sharing, click theStop iconin the upper right corner.


  • Sharing files makes your lecture more accessible than sharing your screen with the file open。Screen readers can access text from PowerPoint and PDF files that are shared, but not those that are only shown open through screen sharing.
  • Although Collaborate Ultra uses the term “sharing”, this does not allow students to download what you show在你的屏幕上。要允许下载文件,幻灯片或图像,无论何时共享课程内容(例如,Canvas模块)都会上传它们。
  • 您可以上传多个文件,但具有大小约束。Individual files cannot exceed 60MB and all files combined for a single session cannot exceed 125MB. If you must share something larger, open the file on your computer and choose to share your application/screen instead.

Use breakout groups during a real-time lecture with Collaborate Ultra

Breakout Groups允许您将您的课程划分为较小的群体,以便在会话期间进行讨论或其他组工作。

  1. In your active session, click thepurple arrow tab在右下角打开合作面板。
  2. 沿着展开的面板的底部条,单击third iconfor sharing content, and select突破团体从提供的选项。
  3. You can have Collaborate Ultra randomly assign students to groups, or you can manually assign them. Pick the prefered option under "Assign Groups", sort students manually if needed, and clickStart
  4. While groups are active, you can join any of them:
    • 点击purple arrow tab在右下角打开合作面板。
    • 点击第二个图标for attendees, then click thejoin icon旁边的小组。
    • To leave a group, click thejoin iconnext to the main room in the Collaborate panel.
  5. To end Breakout Groups for everyone, click thestop iconnext to “Breakout Groups” in the Collaborate panel.


  • Breakout groups create mini Collaborate Ultra sub-sessionswithin your session that have private audio, video, whiteboard, screen sharing, and text chat in each.
  • 您可以将您的课程缩小到最多20个不同的群体。Each group will have a limit of seeing 4 participant videos or screens at once.
  • 突破组织模拟考试的最好方法conditions用合作超。您,您的教学助理或其他调查者可以根据需要在一起加入和移动。
  • Consider having a teaching assistant help you manage moving studentsin and out of breakout groups for lectures, office hours, and invigilated exams.
  • 突破组音频和视频未记录,即使正在记录会话。

Host a virtual office with Collaborate Ultra

  1. Log in to your Canvas course, and click合作超级在课程导航中。
    • 如果您没有看到此选项,请按照上面手风琴中的步骤进行操作,以实现实时交互。
  2. ClickCreate Session
  3. Enter a session name (e.g., “Office Hours”), start time, and end time.
  4. Check theRepeat session checkbox
    • Your office hours can be set to repeat on a daily/weekly/monthly occurrence. Click the days you would like.
    • Use the “End after Occurrences” drop-down to set an end to your recurring sessions.
  5. ClickSave。After you save, you’ll see a new series of sessions. You can view and modify upcoming sessions by clicking the down arrow icon to the right of the session title.
  6. On the day of the session, you can use the session room you’ve created as a waiting room. Think of it like the space outside your physical office. You’ll then invite students into a private space (your “office”) using a Breakout Group.
  7. When a student enters the session, click thepurple arrow tab在右下角打开合作面板。
  8. 沿着展开的面板的底部条,单击third iconfor sharing content, and select突破团体从提供的选项。
  9. Move the student and yourself into a Breakout Group by dragging both names into “Group 1”. ClickStart
  10. Conduct your private meeting with the student. When you have finished, click thestop iconnext to “Breakout Groups” in the Collaborate panel.


  • If you use breakout groups for office hours, make sure your students know to expect thiswhen they show up or allow them to sign up for time slots ahead of time.
  • You can create a discussion beforehand for students to post topics they want to address, to make the most out of virtual office hours. This approach gives you time to prepare answers and a way to respond to the whole class, if a question or concern is shared.
  • Consider requiring students to attend virtual office hours at least onceat the beginning of term. Students can be reluctant to meet with you one-on-one under normal circumstances and that feeling may be heightened with uncertainty around how the technology works.
  • 利用多种方式,您可以与突破组中的学生沟通和协作。You can talk over audio, see each other on video, chat with text, share a whiteboard, and share screens. All of this interaction is private from any other students in your waiting room.


Find UBC-specific answers to frequently asked questions by clicking any bar below.

Yes, teaching assistants can use Collaborate Ultra as moderators, with access to all the same features as instructors.

虽然呼吁才能进行,但不建议,因为加入时,费用可能适用于学生,因为拨号是U.S.编号(1 571 392 7651)。根据他们的电话计划和他们所在的位置,学生可能会产生长途或国际收费。

You can disable the dial-in when you set up a session, and tell students to join sessions through the Canvas course (using a web browser on their computer or the Canvas Student app on their phone) or by clicking the link you send (which will work on either their computer or their phone).

No consent is needed if you will only share recordings within the same term of the same course. Collaborate Ultra isFippa.符合要求(遵循省隐私政策)及其包括录音,包括录音的数据牢固地存储在加拿大。因此,学生同意不法使用或用于录制。但是你应该让学生知道你将在课程开始时录制,所以他们都知道任何参与也会被录制。

如果您将在课程之外的录制或相同课程的不同期限内分享录音,您需要首先获取同意或编辑所有学生参与。Contact usfor more information on how to do this.

Students may choose to have their cameras off for numerous reasons, including bandwidth issues and privacy concerns (such as other people in the background). You shouldonlyrequire students to have their cameras on in the following circumstances, to respect their privacy:

  • When video is necessary for evaluation, for example, if a student must deliver a formal presentation or performance and it is necessary for you to see them in order to grade effectively.
  • When video is necessary for academic integrity, for example, if you need to confirm the identity of a student and invigilate online exams.

Audio is recorded for the moderator and for any participants who use their unmuted microphones. Visually, whatever is in the main screen and the chat window are captured. For more details, see协作超级信息有关录音的信息

Where can I get more support with Collaborate Ultra?

Technical support



  • Contact Collaborate Ultra directly:
    1 877 382 2293 or uselive chat


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